Saturday, January 28, 2012

We're free!

I'll be going back to those coded posts shortly and posting translations into the comments sections. A half hour ago (6:00 PM Thursday by my computer if time has started going screwy again) Jack and I broke out of Shady Lawn. I knew it was time to act when the doctor started talking about adding extract of Salmacis to my therapeutic regimen. People familiar with the Fears know that Salmacis is one of the names used for EAT, the thing that created that catatonic patient that arrived a while back. So I told Jack the plan was to bust out today at dinner time and I slipped my pepper spray into the pocket of a baggy sweater vest that was in my closet. The plan was to start a smallish riot (in addition to me and Jack there were ten other inmates at Shady Lawn) and escape while the orderlies put it down.

It occurred to me that I really didn't have any idea of how to do that as we were sitting down to dinner but Jack had me covered. He picked up another patient, shouted riot, and tossed him at an orderly. He told me later that he got the idea from some cartoon on Nickelodeon. Well, everyone but the Camper started milling about attacking the Orderlies and each other. Soon enough the Camper joined in too, but I think he's still in the imitating others phase. Jack and I started making our way to the door but one of the orderlies managed to block our path so I pulled out my pepper spray and told him "Don't make me use this on you." He sneered at me and asked what I thought I was going to do with a plant mister. I was a little worried . . . it was looking like a plant mister again and what if Doctor Beakman was right about this being in my head? But, he was looking a little to worried for someone with a plant mister pointed at him so I let him have it full in the face. He went down screaming and my pepper spray hasn't looked like anything other than what it is since. I almost feel sorry for him, you might remember I got the kind of pepper spray that was rated for bears. Jack jacked his keys (heh) and we headed up to the locked "broom closet". That thing was full of weapons. I'm sure they couldn't all have come from the residents and I'm a little worried about why they thought they'd need a closet full of knives, swords, and guns. As I was standing there marveling at their arsenal we heard a door slam around the corner and jumped in the closet and shut the door just as Doctor Beakman ran down the hall to help with the riot. I found my cutlass easily and Jack grabbed a hand gun and few magazines that fit it and we booked to my room to grab this laptop before heading out. Unfortunately the doc is a smart man and the first thing he did was station an orderly at each exit. Jack double tapped the one at the exit we were using in the chest and we ran. I . . . I really don't know what to think about that. I mean we had to get the hell out of there I understand that. But . . . I could have used my pepper spray again. We didn't have to kill him. Jack on the other hand doesn't seem to care.

Once we were five steps out the door the whole place vanished like it was never there. That almost didn't surprise me given this place, Jack on the other hand was totally shocked. He's also confused by the strange geography we're back in. Apparently he was committed back in what I still think of as the "real" world. I don't know for what. All he'll say is that something killed his family and he was going to make it pay before they locked him in that hell hole. It's sad that I hope it was one of the Fears that killed his family, but the alternative is to wonder if maybe I'm currently traveling with a crazy man who did belong in a mental hospital (although not that one. No one deserves to be committed to Doctor Beakman's care.)

Well, I'm off to update those coded entries with a translation then it's back to slogging up an ever increasing slope.


  1. So happy to hear that you're safe Mr. Carlson.

    A shame you didn't at least pick up a handgun though. A bit more inconspicuous than a cutlass. Might have been extra defence at the very least.

    Still; at least you're free from there now. You should try and get accquainted with being back in normal time as soon as possible.

  2. Glad to see you got out. I was starting to worry

  3. Okay, the past three entries where I posted coded messages have had their codes translated. Now back to hiking uphill.

  4. Good ta know your out and sadly i didn't have the time to decode teh posts thanks for the translations gotta run see ya lookin forward to more stuff

  5. Ohh, this makes sense. ^_^; I'm just commenting as I go along. Interesting to have run into "Jack" though. Starting to get sad, I think I'm nearing the end of the story. :(