Thursday, October 20, 2011

Evan's in trouble again.

Where to start . . . Well first of all Jennifer politely asked him if she could borrow his pencil eraser and he told her to "Shut the fuck up". He got a time out for that, Jennifer was really broken up. I held him back from recess a few minutes to ask him why he would say that to her and he said that she'd been whispering about him behind his back all through class. All the kids had been, couldn't I hear them? I told him I'd try to listen more closely and see if I could catch anyone saying bad things about him but that it was still no excuse for that sort of language. I'm nearly certain though that he's either making it up as an excuse or simply mistaken.

Then I sent him out to play. Not five minutes later one of the teachers supervising the playground brought him back in along with Jeff, Jay, and Michal. Apparently he'd tried to take all three of them on. According to them they'd been minding their own business kicking a soccer ball around and he just came in and started swinging. According to Evan they had insulted him for being poor. They all fought back so due to the schools zero tolerance (more like zero intelligence sometimes) policies all four are suspended for the next three school days.

I'm calling Evan's parents in for a conference. That boy needs counseling or something. 

There's also a situation with Alex but it's delicate and I don't want to go into it here until I know more.


  1. A three day suspension? Really? For fighting? I don't know about your district, but for most districts, a three day out-of-school suspension would require a serious violation.

    I'm surprised the parents didn't sue/protest the school's decision. That is way, WAY overboard.

  2. I think part of the reason they were so hard nosed about it was the size of the brawl. Around here the fights that have to be broken up are usually one on one.