Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The bird man

Today I asked the kids to draw something they saw on yesterdays field trip. A lot of them drew flowers, or trees, or the mess-hall where they ate lunch. One smart aleck drew the bus we took to get there. Kelly though drew this creepy robed figure wearing a bird mask. I asked her where she saw him and she said he was in the woods. Now I know I would have noticed a strange man out there, especially in a weird get up like that. Maybe she saw some sort of bird in the shadow of the trees and her imagination filled in the rest. That must have been what scared her though. I noticed she seemed to be itchy today, I hope she didn't get poison ivy on the field trip.


  1. vg'f gur cynhtr qbpgbe

    jul ur znxr zbir abj?

  2. Yeah. Are you just drunk or are you spamming gibberish?

  3. He is a riddle master Decode it my friend.

  4. Alright, bear with me, I haven't read your entire blog quite yet. I'm starting from the beginning.

    But, Ridley's message says this:

    "It's the plauge doctor

    Why he make move now?"

    Pfft. Some riddle master. All I needed was a simple cipher wheel; in fact, the one I needed was the third that popped up on Google Images. It literally took me two minutes.

    You need to work on your grammar some, too, my friend. And your spelling(it's Plague). If you're going to troll, at least make it so people can take you seriously.

    Sorry for ranting, Jcarlson. These kinds of people just bug me.