Wednesday, November 30, 2011

can't sleep

Been doing a lot of research. Read the blog Jeanette recommended (creepy, and I might never watch the Puppet Show episode of Buffy again), and on Roberts suggestion I read Jeanette's own blog as well. Jesus Christ girl, all that shit actually happened?!?! If I hadn't seen one of my students get kidnapped by a puppet I wouldn't believe it. I also did some research on the "Puppet Empress" she mentioned (which appears to be better known as someone/something called the Wooden Girl) and believe that may be the "Puppet Queen" Percy mentioned on the show. After that poster with all the numbers mentioned it I looked into "Slenderman" as well. That . . . that was the Birch King Percy got the map from wasn't it? But how the hell did he know where to find Janice? Doesn't look like there's much to be done to kill these things, I've even heard of the Slenderman thing being attacked by someone with a baseball bat and being hit by a car to no effect. Even if I can't kill these things there has got to be some way for me to rescue Janice. No one fucks with my students, not even things straight out of a Lovecraft story. Next I'm going to research the history of Candle Cove, see if I can find anything that will let me track them down.


  1. Bro let me tell you something when you fuck with the Fear you will die they will find you and kill you with the wooden girl she will take your free will and when you out live your usefulness you will die with Slendy you have one chance to join him and when you throw that chance away your dead your organs in bags for him. With Smiliey well your fucked either way ither he will kill you or Jean will find you as a proxy and shoot you to end your servitude they are Fear incarnate. While some things are wrong they are the most accurate discriptions of the Fears. Also for a Wiki of candle cove go here but believe me when i say don't believe everything you read my friend

  2. Look. I've been watching this for a while. You're in some shit. Watch your ass.
    Be warned. People will die.
    I've learned that the hard way far too many times.

  3. Track down her? Good luck. *insert Han Solo quote here*

    In all honesty, be prepared. Don't go in without knowing what you're doing. It's an easy way to get killed.

  4. Puppetslut? Aw man, I hate that bitch. She's such a bitch. I'll ask my Boss to go knock some sense into her if you want. Then again, He was the one that led her to the kid, so maybe I won't. I piss Him off enough without even trying.

    Keep frosty.

  5. Good to see the great uncle riddles has taken to reading this blog.

  6. @Paradoxical Machinations Don't worry. Doing plenty of research. Hence the lack of sleep.

    @Elaine Thanks for the warning.