Friday, November 18, 2011

Poor Jennifer

Remember how I mentioned how terrified she is of the Skin-Taker? Today Patrick smuggled a Skin-Taker puppet to school in his backpack and chased her around the playground with it until she was in hysterics. We really need to get more adults to supervise the playground before school begins. I confiscated the puppet and kept it in a cupboard out of Jennifer's sight until school was over and told Patrick that if he brings it back to school again I'll keep it until the end of the school year next time. He also had to stay in for recess. Not only did he smuggle the puppet in to scare Jennifer, guess what he took out of his backpack to make room for the puppet?

That's right. He left his school books home so he could scare his classmate. I only took the puppet out of the closet once, on my lunch break, so I could take this picture for those of you who haven't seen any Candle Cove episodes with him in (none of the episodes I've seen this season have for some reason!).

I apologized to Patrick for the fact that one of the eyes fell out but he said it just does that sometimes. He also apologized to Jennifer for scaring her with it. I was glad to send it home with him. All day I could swear I kept hearing noises from the closet that damn thing was in.

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