Saturday, November 26, 2011

It gets stranger

I just got back from the police station. I didn't try to tell the cops what was on the card, implied that I hadn't even watched it yet. I just told them I'd had a suspicious note taped to my door. I had to bite my tongue when they played the video because even though I still saw exactly the same video I described to you all they saw was static. They say the note was probably some sick prank by a kid. There are child sized fingerprints on the note, but they're to smeared to tell if they're Janice's or not. So either the title of my last post was right, or something strange is going on with the video.

I have a week of combined sick leave and personal days. I'm going to take that time off and do some research on Candle Cove and decide what I'm going to do from there.


  1. It's me Janice, HELlo Please don't worry about ME.

  2. Okay listen. You're in over your head.

    Do yourself a favor--stop doing research, stop looking for Janice, and for the love of God, stop fucking watching Candle Cove--in fact, stop fucking watching that whole fucking channel.

    You don't want to see where the rabbit hole goes, Carlson, Trust me.

  3. Wait, Jeanette Cotton? The actress from that Jeanette Experience show they were advertising was on after the Candle Cove episode?

    I'm not sure I really have a choice after this. I mean, if some crazy puppet can kidnap one of my students what else is going on that could endanger them? Is the monster in Alex's closet real? Did Kelly really see that guy in a bird mask on our field trip? They did say there something odd about that strain of Chickenpox she came down with . . .

    And besides, look at the comment above yours. Look at the odd capitalization she used, and what it spells out if you *only* read the miscapitalized letters. She always was a clever girl, I was going to talk to her parents about the possibility of her skipping 4th grade next year and going straight to 5th.

  4. Jeanette isn't an actor.

    And the answer to all your questions is yes. Get out of here while you still can.

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  6. You see a clever cry for help.

    I see cheese on a mousetrap.

    No, I'm not an actress. That TV station is probably Evil. No, I'm not exaggerating.

    It sucks that she's been taken but you can't help her. You need to worry about saving yourself.

    All those Lords and Ladies of the Realm? They're fucking real. Those weren't costumes, or puppets. Those were real fucking monsters.

    But if I can't stop you, I can help you. That link will start you on the path to knowing more about the Puppet Empress.

    But trust me. You really don't want to.

  7. Oh shit you mean the Birch king is real. Damn it slenderman why must you be real.

  8. My friend you are well and truly fucked also read Jean's blog to catch up on teh missed episode