Friday, November 25, 2011

I think I'm going insane.

I came home from shopping tonight and found an envelope taped to my door. It was about at Janice's eye level. It had a note, and an SD card in it. I scanned the envelope and the note to show you all.

Normally I'd go to the police with this, since it looks like it's connected to Janice, but what was in the video . . . it can't be real! If it is, then what that person on my blog claiming to Percy said . . . it's true. She's sailing on the Laughingstock with a pirate puppet. I'm going to try to upload it to youtube so you guys can tell me if you see what I did when I watched.

When I played the video I saw what looked like a rough cut of a new Candle Cove episode, but the Laughingstock wasn't sailing on the high seas. She was sailing down a street, hovering about an inch above the blacktop. A street in Muskegon, I recognized Rykes Bakery when she sailed past. She sailed straight up to Janice's house, put down her gangplank and out came Percy, with his mismatched dolls arms and his porcelain face set in a permanent smile. He was walking up the sidewalk to Janice's house. I know why he and the other puppets look life sized now. They are. It's not a puppet costume, I can see his strings but they don't go anywhere they just float upwards into nothingness. There's no one holding them but all the same I see a string pull his leg up with each step he takes. I can see him shaking like he's fighting against whatever is pulling his strings and loosing. Whatever Percy really is he's alive but he's not in control right now. He stops at her door and for a moment I think he's about to knock, instead the door opens and there stands Janice wearing her Cinderella pajamas and carrying the case she keeps her colored pencils in. She's moving oddly and her face is blank but when she sees Percy she smiles. No, that's not really right. It doesn't look like she's smiling, it looks more like someone tugged a string at each corner of her mouth and made her smile. Unlike Percy though I don't see any strings. Her arm rises as if attached to a string and she takes Percy's hand. Together she and Percy walk - no someone else walks them - away from the house hand in hand, right up the Laughingstock's gangplank. The whole time Janice is smiling that fake looking smile. The camera zooms in on the door to her house, standing open just like her parents found it when they called the police.

This is completely insane. It could be done with special effects, but why would someone do that? I'm going to upload the video as soon as possible and see if you guys see the same thing I do, and I'm going to have to think very hard about if I should go to the police with this or not.

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  1. It's hard to tell in that scan, the envelope blends in to the white background, but the skull and crossbones is placed almost exactly where you would put a stamp. I'm uploading that video to youtube now, and I'll put it in it's own post as soon as I can. It doesn't appear to be the whole episode, only about the last 10 minutes.