Thursday, December 1, 2011

Had to unplug my TV

It keeps changing the channel to Tower TV on its own. One minute I'm watching CNN the next Janice and that fucking Pirate puppet are standing in a landscape of pillows with a blanket sky surrounded by sleeping figures. Some of them were human, others twisted mockeries of human life. Percy was telling her it was nap time and she smiled that fake looking smile and agreed, but her eyes held a look of sheer terror. I flipped back to the news as quickly as I could. A few hours later I was watching a sitcom and it switched to Tower TV again. This time they were showing a Disney cartoon, Phineas and Ferb, but it was an episode that Disney would never have shown. You see, when my TV flipped over to that channel their invention of the day had gone berserk and was in the process of flaying Isabella alive. Her screams sounded far too realistic. Then at 11 I was watching my local news and the channel changed again, they were showing some sort of game show where the contestants were dressed up like puppets. Unlike Percy these looked like real people wearing makeup and costumes to look like puppets. A female voice from off screen (presumably the host) asked what seemed like an easy question, "What is the eighth letter of the alphabet?". A nervous looking contestant, a redheaded lady dressed like a ballerina puppet tutu and everything, buzzed in and gave the same answer I would have, H. "Sorry," said the voice off screen. "We were looking for the eighth letter of the Phoenician alphabet, Yodh." The contestant broke down in tears, screaming and begging to be given another chance, that they couldn't afford to get yet another question wrong. I don't know what those "contestants" were threatened with but I was thankfully able to shut the set off before I found out. A few minutes ago the set turned itself on I ran over while it was still warming up and yanked the plug out of the wall before I had to see what fresh new horror it had for me.

Still researching both Candle Cove and these "Fears", or  "Phobic Representational Entities" as one of the more informative blogs refers to them (PRE's for short). I'll try to post the fruits of that research this weekend.


  1. My friend you are in short now unable to leave the world of the Fear's now i humbly welcome you to our hell may you survive as long as you possibly can.

  2. Jcar, don't listen to him. It's actually really nice here. We have cookies and shit. Why just the other day I met Janice and Percy and we just had a gay old time playing like Candyland and shit until the Puppet Whore showed up and hanged me from a tree. Dying is never very much fun, but you get used to it after a while, and they have pot pie on the other side, so that's always sweet, right?

    @Robbie: I see from your comment on the last post that you recognize me. I'm flattered, truly. Would you like an autograph? I can do a nice permanent one on your forehead.

    Stay frosty.

  3. Not on the forehead but i wouldn't mind a signed hat or some other shit. besides runners can't be revived trust me i fuckin know once a runner dies they stay dead.

  4. Oh dear.

    A newly doomed soul.

    I offer my condolences.

  5. Robert, what if HE gets that runner?

    Just a thought.

  6. If HE/SHE gets the runner then there is a slight chance that they will be brought back but they will likely be a mindless proxy with no recollection of there past life.