Saturday, December 31, 2011

Had a session with Doctor Beakman today

It's about 6:30 in the evening in case the time is still messing up.

This afternoon I had a session with Doctor Beakman and he explained to me that everything on this blog was my reaction to the guilt I felt when I had a psychotic break at school. He says this obsession with "rescuing" Janice is because it would make up for what I did to her and that I created these fantasies about "Pirate Percy" and "the Skin-Taker" to represent the parts of me that hurt her.

I don't know. Everything he says makes a lot of sense. More sense than a magical woman made out of wood that can control people and living puppets kidnapping little girls. But . . . I just can't see myself hurting a child. I don't know what to think but I have to trust the doctor or I won't get better.

I met someone at dinner today (Sloppy Joe's, yum!). I'm not going to put his name here because Doctor Beakman might get mad at him for what he said. He agreed with what I posted as "Robert Dillanger" that this place is messing with my mind. He says he's on a quest too and they're keeping him here against his will and trying to convince him he's insane just like me. He wants me to stop taking my medicine and break out of here with him. I don't believe him but I don't want to turn him in either.


  1. Why don't you compromise? Stop taking your medicine for a bit, and see what happens.

  2. Paradox is right. Give it a go.

  3. Yes if you say it it must be right we are all you we know what's best for us as you so stop the meds for a bit broski see what kinds of aswesome shit happens you will fuckin love it
    Dillanger also happy new years

  4. I'm not supposed to be on here right now and I can see why. Here I am encouraging myself to stop my meds.