Friday, December 30, 2011

I need to investigate this

Looking at the time stamp on everyone's comments for my last post you guys probably think I downed the whole bottle and have been laying there drunk since you heard from me last. For me though it's only been a half hour since my last post. Twenty minutes ago I left the bottle laying in shards on the ground, the bourbon - all of the bourbon - soaking into the soil. After a few steps I looked back and the broken bottle was gone, not even a sign of dampness in the soil. This place is messing with me pretty bad, it doesn't feel like I'm being tormented for somethings sick amusement though, it feels like I'm being tested.

The path keeps rising, it keeps getting steeper and harder to climb, but I can't give up I need to press forward. I stopped to take a quick rest and noticed something just around one of the curves in the path that warrants some investigation before I move on, the first sign of a human presence since the farm house. I have not put my cutlass away because this still doesn't seem like anywhere that belongs in the "real" world (for one thing I don't think anyone would build on a slope that's a 45 degree angle) and I don't know what I'm going to find here.

What it appears to be is some sort of group home, the sign says "Shady Lawn: a resting place for the troubled mind". Unlike Janice the sign is real. I can touch it. The house is real too, I bounced a small pebble off the side. Not enough hopefully to alert anyone inside but it tells me  the building is really here. Now I just have to decide if I should snoop around or knock on the door.

I take that back. I've apparently been noticed. A couple people are coming out, they look a little worried not surprising considering my sword. Judging from their build and their white coats they're orderlies or something. Better hit publish and talk to them before they decide I'm dangerous - and so I can be ready if they're dangerous.

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