Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My plans

Sorry again for the lack of updates. I've mostly been planning out my investigation and what I'll need to bring with me. I'm going to start my investigation in Ashland and Ironton Ohio, where the first reports of the show came from. Maybe I'll get lucky and that's where the current studio is too, if not hopefully I'll have a few leads.

As for outfitting myself for my little quest, I've purchased an industrial 4 shelf first aid station that's taking up a lot of room in my trunk. I've armed myself with pepper spray rated for bears and a baseball bat, while those probably won't do much against Fears they should help me handle any human, or mostly human, attacker while not creating the same legal hassle as crossing states lines with a firearm. I've updated my will and my utilities are scheduled to be shut off the day I plan to leave (this Friday after work), if I survive this I'll get them turned back on when I return. As for funding this little expedition, I'm bringing along my debt card/ATM card. I don't have a whole lot, but I do have some savings and a small inheritance from an aunt that I was going to buy a house with eventually. I'm also bringing my copy of the book "How to Cheat at Everything". I hope I'm never desperate enough to resort to cheating at cards or employing any of the actual scams in the book, but it has a nice section on bar bets that explains how to accomplish some feats that sound much more difficult than they are that I might be able to use to pick up a bit of extra money here and there. I've got some power bars, jerky, bottled water, and other road food for situations where I can't stop and get something better to eat and I've packed several changes of cloths and a good warm coat as well as hat, gloves, and a scarf to prepare for the weather.

I know all you "Runners" out there probably think I sound a lot more prepared than you ever had a chance to get, but then I had the luxury of prep time and planning that was denied to a lot of you. On the other hand, you guys have the dubious luxury of hard experience. Am I forgetting anything you think I should be bringing along?


  1. A good attorney for if you do find her?

    I'm pretty sure the law is going to be pretty suspicious about a teacher going away for a while and then coming back with a girl who went missing just before he left.

    Sorry, that was phrased too negative. I'm just worried about what their reactions will be.

    Umm...maybe read more blogs if you've got the time? The more knowledge the better right?

  2. I see your point, but I'll worry about that if both me and her come out of this alive and sane. There's a reason updating my will was part of my preparation.

  3. Aura's right. Start thinking of a cover story now-or if you can hide that you were involved in the rescue, so much the better.
    I'd also suggest a pillow and blanket so you can sleep in your car if needed, or for Janice when you find her. I'd suggest a stuffed animal or something too, to help calm her down, but that'd probably make you look far more suspicious.

  4. If you do find her i recommend placing her where she can can find her way home and follow her home with a gun making sure nothing can get to her and if it try's no matter fucking what put a bullet through it's fucking skull. DO NOT LET THAT GIRL GET TAKEN AGAIN. If you save her and she is taken again trust me you will not like it.