Friday, December 23, 2011

YUO guyas are probab;y wonderingw hat happened tp me

Well i'M sitting here at my comuter with a quarter of a botle of Jim Beam lef tand i still can't forget. So I;m going to tell you.

I got wehre the note said to go. The Gepetto corporation. I can tell you about it bcause its not there anymore . And thats my fault. I got there at about 10 AM. Traffic in Chicago sucks did you know that? I should have gotten there a lot early if the traffic didn't suck and people didnt drive like loons. What was I talking baout? Oh yeah Gepetto corporation. I got there and i parked outside for a while. I was scared to go in. I knwe it was a trap but I new I had to spring it if i was going to learn anything new. I sat ther for about fifteen minutes and then all of a sudden my radio turned on. It was staticy but i recognized the voice right away. If you've seen the show you probably would have recognized it to. “you have…to go…INSIDE.” She said. She always says that to Percy that fucking puppet who kidnapped Janice and now she somehow hijacked my radio to say it to me.

Fuck I need another dringk.

I got my duffel bag out of the trunk, thats where I hid the cutlass that killed Omega. The one i cut him up with when he dead body attacked me. When i walked in the security guard at the front desk he hit a button and I heard some sort of locking mechenizem click in the doors i just came in. he was moving weird, like the bell ringer, like Omega, like a Puppet. He came at me with his nightstick, im just glad he didn't have a gun. I tried to break the glass in the doors and get away but whoever built the place decided to use that bullet proof plexi stuff. I didn't have a choice. I tried the pepper spray first but it didnt work. I mean it looked like he was in pain but he kept coming anyway. He didn't even scream I don't think she LET hm scream. So I got the sword out. I killed him. I didnt have a choice so i killed him. I didnt have time to wonder why it was os easy there were more Puppets comming. Office workers. They had scissors they had big heavy staplers one of them had ripped the blade and handle off a paper cutter. I didnt stop I didn't think ab9out why they were coming one at a time when they could have overwhelmed me with numbers. I just cut and cut and cut and cut and cut and cut and cut aand cut . . .

I have to go throw up again.

It was a small office I think I only killed thirty people. Fifty tops. I don't know what made the doors open again but the did and i ran. I wasn't running from them they were all dead. Id made sure there was now ay She was getting them up to make anoth erattempt to kill me. I wasn't even running from the police they fought and died silently some of them crying some of them trying to laugh some of them trying to scream but they were all silent. I was running away from me from what I did in there. I ran all the way to this motel, not the one I was at when I posted yesterday. Then after I took a two hour shower to get the blood off I ran to a liquor store and then I tried to run away into this bottle of Beam because I realized why they fought so badly.

She wanted this. She wanted me to slaughter them. She thought it would break me.

She might be right.


  1. Oh God. I'm so sorry Mr. Carlson.

    I know you want to find Janice soon but you might want to rest up for a bit. You now know what The Wooden Girl is capable of and you're not in the state to handle anymore. You need to rest your mind and body, and prepare yourself.

    I...I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine.

  2. Whast thef uck? First someg uy starts banging on my dior telling me to let him in, now im getting spam in my comments? I;m too drungk for this man. Deleted.

  3. Hey. This is big fucking hypocracy coming from me, but your answers aren't going to be at the bottom of a bottle. This isn't a solution, it won't really make you feel better.
    I'm sorry you were put in that situation. I'm sorry you had to kill all those people. I know how much that hurts. Please, just. Hang in there. If you need to talk, drop me a line.
    You can't let this break you.
    You can't let her win.
    Janice still needs you.

    If you want to get in touch, my email is

  4. Starting to sober up a bit. Between that guy pounding on the door (hell no I'm not letting him in. I read about the Dying Man in one of these blogs) and the nightmares I'm not getting much sleep. I wasn't looking for any answers in that bottle, just looking to block out the images of what I did in there. No such luck though.

  5. That doesn't work either, I promise. Been there, done that. Actually just had a date with a bottle of rum tonight myself. Doesn't help. It never does.

  6. Also, check the peephole and see who's outside. Might be important