Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sorry I haven't been posting

Remember that incident with my television last post? Shortly after I had to take a hammer to it because it tried to turn on despite being unplugged. Ever since I've been reluctant to use my computer for fear that something similar would start happening.

I had to come back to my blog though because of something strange that happened at school today. You remember how Evan has been flying off the handle because of things he swears the other kids are saying behind his back? Today just before he got into another fight over what sounded to me like an innocuous statement there was a blur in the air between him and the other student. If I hadn't been watching him closely I would have missed it, if I hadn't been researching these "Fears" I wouldn't know what it means. The Choir. That explains what's been going on with him all year. Now if only there was some way to explain it to administration, or even to Evan without sounding insane. But on to what I promised last time: my Candle Cove research. According to a thread on the forum Net Nostalgia it first aired as a TV show in the early '70s, but only in the Ironton area. It's also here that the first mention of some people, mostly adults, only seeing static instead of the episode is made. I attempted to contact the people who posted to that thread - even contacting the forums moderator, one Kris Straub, but all my e-mails bounced. I myself watched the show in the 80's during what appears to have been a national airing of the episodes aired locally in the 70's. I also found information about new episodes that were aired in the 90's starring a new Janice, her actress was referred to in the credits only by her first name, Charlotte. I'd look into records of missing children from the time period but I don't know where Charlotte might have come from.

Interestingly I also found historical references to a short story from 1767 called "The Nickerbocker's Tale" which followed a similar plot line to Candle Cove, though instead of a young girl the main character was an Irish boy. I'm trying to find more information on the author, Collin Caulkry, but I haven't had much luck. I did however discover that events and characters from this story became mixed up with some Punch and Judy shows in the local area (interestingly enough historical Punch and Judy shows sometimes involved a "Doctor" with a very familiar appearance to those who know of the Fears, as well as a Blind Man). It was during these puppet shows that the young boy was first changed to a young girl and called "Janice". Much like the television show while the other characters were played by marionettes Janice was played by a real girl.

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do much more research from the relative comfort of my home. I'm going to wait for the schools Winter break and then I'm going to take my savings and my car and take my research on the road and find a way to rescue Janice.


  1. Another Chaser, instead of a Runner. Becoming more popular, it seems.

  2. It's always more fun to be the one chasing rather than the one running.

    But it's even MORE fun to be the one putting arsenic in the beer. Stupid frat boys.

  3. Hehehe The fratboys deserve the Arsenic bunch of pricks and assholes they are

  4. Okay, I'm going to stop lurking to wish you luck. I never believed in this wider 'Fears' bullshit, but it sounds like you're in some major shit.

  5. Interesting. A rare sight to see a few of The Endless targeting several individuals in one small area at the same time. I wish you luck.

  6. @Paradoxical Machinations I've read about Hunter and Jeanette and come across a few posts on various blogs from an unstable seeming man who goes by "Proxiehunter". I've got no delusions of being able to put an end to the Wooden Girl (assuming I'm right about her involvement) for good. And I'm not sure about Proxiehunter's assertions that we're at war with these things but I believe there has to be something I can do to rescue Janice. Besides, she seems to be guarded mainly by the puppets not their Queen and I'm not sure they're as immortal as She seems to be.

    @Ridley You're a sick son of a bitch, aren't you? Although given what frat boys tend to slip into drinks and why . . . No, you're still a sick son of a bitch.

    @Elaine and The Overseer Thanks. I think I'm going to need all the luck I can get.

  7. Oh Keep us waiting we will Be In TouCH.
    Keep In the Loop Little MOnsTers Help hEr Redeem us.

  8. That's not very nice, Jcarlson. And that's not a very catchy name either. Can I just call you Carlton? Like from Fresh Prince?

    I of course am the Fresh Prince in this situation.